Top Doctor Uses MediFin

Now you can easily purchase a dream smile, or even dental surgery, through MediFin’s Specialised Financing Solution!

Access to dental cosmetic surgery for health imperatives or aesthetic reasons is often unattainable due to lack of cover from South African medical aids. According to Dr JJ Serfontein – a leading Cape Town cosmetic dentist practitioner – this prevents the broader South African public from securing superior healthcare. However, there is a solution. He recommends MediFin to his patients, because it offers a superior financing solution that provides patients with easy payment terms and conditions.

Dr Serfontein opened his practice in Cape Town with the vision of providing world-class dental care. Through his dynamic involvement in the greater industry itself, as well as through the operations of his own practice, he noticed certain worrying patterns in the payment of dental treatments that are affecting South Africans at large. Medical aids’ non-financing of cosmetic dental surgery means that patients either delay care or are unable to seek or proceed with dental treatment at all.

Another pressing concern, Dr Serfontein says is: “to avoid a situation where patients believe that they can’t afford the ideal treatment required and instead settle for a compromised treatment plan. Generally, the only reason people settle for cheaper materials and therefore less durability is because of finance.”


In response to this adverse trend in the healthcare market, the hassle-free solution known as MediFin was born. Prospective healthcare patients can now access the best cosmetic dental treatment through MediFin’s easy online application that submits a quick response within an hour of inquiry. Dr Serfontein says that MediFin’s financing solution is cheaper than a credit card for both him and his patients. He is thus able to reduce his operating costs, while providing his patients with a more cost-effective solution to the conventional bank loan system.

In addition, MediFin’s approach does away with collateral, and down payments and loans are not subject to early settlement penalties or exorbitant interest rates. As specialist loan providers, MediFin’s financing solutions focus on niche sectors, with a thorough understanding of each market – in this case, the dental industry. This means that MediFin’s financial solutions are tailored to the needs of the consumer.

Impressively, payment terms are variable, allowing for terms that suit both the patient and practitioner. Therefore, according to Dr Serfontein, MediFin is a smart solution that allows access to health benefits while providing easy payment and loan options.

For practitioners like Dr Serfontein who are committed to specialised oral and dental care – MediFin presents a unique solution to the crisis of accessing quality healthcare within the South African medical landscape. That’s why he happily offers the MediFin solution to all his patients. MediFin and its inclusion in practices like Dr Serfontein’s, is part of a broader project to increase the number of people who can exercise their right to have world-class care. These exciting developments require the vision of practitioners like Dr Serfontein and the business savvy of MediFin to bring them to life. More importantly, MediFin is constantly growing in its support with grateful and satisfied patients, who make use of this valuable service. Now that’s really cause for a winning smile!