Providing life-changing loans is what we do best

We are living in an age of endless possibilities, especially when it comes to modern medicine and getting the best treatment possible. We are all the more fortunate to be surrounded by world-renowned doctors and surgeons. South African doctors enjoy an outstanding reputation in most parts of the world, but with the pro’s come the con’s, and the fact remains that private medical care is expensive. Regardless of whether it’s a planned procedure or we’re faced with a medical emergency, our wallets are not always able to cope.

At MediFin, we can provide patients with finance for any medical procedure, by any registered South African doctor, for either the full or partial cost of the procedure. Moving forward will no longer require aimless hours of agonising deliberation about how to pay for an elective treatment, x-ray or any medical or dental procedure up to R150 000.

Patient Finance up to R150,000

Many times, we put off medical procedures that could potentially change our lives for the better because of financial constraints but applying for a medical loan is easier than you think.

While we have access to some of the best medical professionals in the world, few of us can afford medical procedures, elective or not, making medical loans a great alternative to credit cards or personal loans from banks.

By applying online for a MediFin loan, you will know instantly if you are pre-approved. On receipt of an obligation-free quote, you can confidently schedule your procedure sooner rather than later.

A MediFin life-changing loan up to R150 000 is available to all qualifying patients or persons applying on behalf of a loved one.

Applying for a loan couldn’t be easier 


1. Consult your doctor and get a quote for your desired procedure

2. Gather required documentation:

–    Doctor’s quote

-    Copy of ID

-    Proof of residence

-    Proof of income (most recent salary slip)

-    Last three months’ bank statements

3. Apply for Finance online via the secure MediFin website – Apply Now

4. If approved, receive electronic finance quote within one hour. Once you accept the quote electronically, payment is made directly to your doctor, and we send proof of payment to you


Choose MediFin

There is nothing more frustrating than realising that your current salary is not enough to cover your medical procedure, but luckily, this is not the end of the road. With a MediFin life-changing loan, you can afford the care you need.

Whether its funding needed for an emergency MRI, plastic surgery, fertility treatment, cosmetic dentistry, a tummy tuck, gastric bypass, LASIK eye surgery, hair restoration, liposuction, breast augmentation or any other medical procedure, MediFin has a finance solution for all your medical needs.

Since 2012 MediFin has been at the epicentre for providing life-changing loans, with thousands of loans approved and paid out to date. MediFin clients are not required to pay any upfront deposit or provide collateral in order to qualify for finance. MediFin loans are paid directly to your doctor, making the process as seamless as possible for you and your doctor.

Eliminate wasted time and unnecessary stress and apply for a MediFin loan today.

-    We finance all medical, cosmetic and dental procedures up to R150,000

-    We offer fair and competitive rates

-    You can finance the full or partial amount covering the procedure

-    You can apply online at without visiting a bank

-    No deposit or collateral needed

-    Fast application vetting and feedback

-    Affordable payment options to suit your individual needs

-    No penalties for early settlement



MediFin subscribes to a number of governing bodies and regulatory boards, is regularly audited and fully compliant.

  • Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP46701)
  • Registered Credit Provider (NCRCP8071)
  • MFSA number (7196)


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