Personal Finance

Why obtain MediFin Personal Finance?

  • We have expertise in and an understanding of the industries we finance
  • We finance any type of medical procedure without further medical questions
  • Our repayment structures offer you total flexibility to maximize your cash flow
  • You do not have to pay a deposit
  • We will provide interim approval (pre-approval) while you finalize your procedure with the medical practitioner
  • We have close relationships with many Medical Professionals throughout South Africa

MediFin Offers

  • Cosmetic Surgery Finance
  • Hair Restoration Finance
  • Plastic Surgery Finance
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Finance
  • IVF (fertility) Programs Finance
  • Laser Eye Surgery Finance
  • Bariatric Surgery Finance
  • Dental Surgery Finance
  • Reconstructive Surgery Finance
  • General Surgery Finance
  • Orthodontics Finance
  • Hospital Stays Finance
  • Vetenary Surgery Finance
  • Health & Beauty Treatments Finance
  • Spa Packages/Treatments Finance
  • Any Medical or Beauty Treatments Finance