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Medical Devices.

Looking to finance your hearing aids, prosthetics or other costly medical devices? Visit your medical device provider and ask about their financing options, or simply apply for a MediFin loan, and we’ll take care of the rest!

MediFin, improving the lives of South Africans, one loan at a time.

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How Much Do Medical Devices Cost?

The cost of medical devices can range from, R1000 – R20,000+.

R 20,000

Pay with Cash

Not Covered

With Medical Aid

*R 1190.24 p/m

MediFin Medical Device Loan

Please Note: The cash price is only an estimate. Ts & Cs Apply. Indicative repayment using assumed fixed interest rate, repayable over 24 months. Subject to credit and affordability assessment. Please use the Loan Calculator for more options, or contact us to speak to a consultant.

How It Works.

Applying is quick and easy! Need a hand?


Consult Your Doctor

Get a quote from your Medical Device Provider (or apply using an estimated procedure amount).

Gather your Documents

You will need a copy of your ID, proof of income (most recent salary slip), last 3 months’ bank statements and proof of residence (eg. a utility bill).

Apply Online

Apply online to check whether you qualify for a Medical Device loan and send us your documents (See Step 2) via email.

Await Approval

We’ll get back to you within an hour.

Payment Made

Once accepted, we'll make a payment directly to your Medical Device Provider within 24 hours.

Where Can I Find A Day Hospital?

Find a registered Medical Device Provider near you! Or join our directory.

Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Devices.

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What is a Medical device?

In general terms, medical device is any physical entity, including apparatus, hardware, software, physical device or material, which supports humans to deal with medical circumstances.

World health organization has given a broad definition focusing on its purpose:

‘Medical device’ means any instrument, apparatus, machine or appliance for in vitro use, hardware, software, material or other related article or the combination of it used for the specific medical purposes including

  • diagnosis, monitoring, prevention, treatment or alleviation of disease or an injury,
  • investigation, modification, replacement, or support for a physiological process,
  • supporting or sustaining life,
  • disinfection of medical devices
  • Providing information by means of in vitro examination derived from the human body.

On what basis are medical devices categorised?

Medical devices are categorized based on risk associated with usage of the device. The categorization is based on the following parameters:

  1. The general regulatory controls
  2. The special regulatory controls
  3. The need of premarket approval (PMA)

What are general controls for medical devices?

General controls are fundamental provisions to ensure the safety and effectiveness of regulatory devices. It includes provision for adulteration, misbranding, device registration, notifications for repair/replacement or refund, premarket notification, records & reports, and good manufacturing practices.

What are special controls for medical devices?

Special controls are additional controls to general controls for reasonable safety and usability assurance, which includes specific labeling such as usage methods, guidelines, recommendation etc.; performance standards; post-market monitoring; patient registration and more.

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