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How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost?

Laser Therapy and Monochromatic Light Therapy are commonly used to treat hair loss by making regrowth possible but come with a heavy price tag. Costs of hair loss treatments range from R 35,000.00 – R 60,000.00.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Restoration

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What is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration, or hair transplant, is the process of restoring hair by transplanting new follicles into balding or thinning areas. While hair loss, hair thinning and baldness are common amongst men, through Male Pattern Baldness and Alopecia Areata, hair restoration can be conducted on anyone, using a number of different techniques.

What causes Hair Loss?

While there is still much debate over what exactly causes hair loss in adults, hormones, genes and stress are all major factors that can contribute to male and female pattern baldness. Other causes of hair loss can include certain drugs, medical conditions and cosmetic procedures. Temporary hair loss, thinning and weakening of the hair follicle can be brought on by over-shampooing, hair dye and over-processing of the hair.

It is normal to lose approximately 100 hairs per day, with the rate of hair growth slowing as you age.

Will hair transplant surgery restore my original hair density?

Because of restrictions in what may be taken from the donor location, most patients will not be able to restore their hair to its former density. A dense-pack surgical approach may be able to create exceptionally thick hair in patients with good donor reserves. However, because density and coverage options differ from person to person, a face-to-face expert consultation is the only way to establish your restoration options.

What does the Hair Restoration procedure consist of?

Methods used to treat hair loss can be both surgical and non-surgical, consisting of Laser Hair Restoration and/or Hair Integration. These procedures aim to correct the loss of hair by permanently restoring hair through transplanting new follicles into the balding or thinning areas.

The type of graft received for your hair transplant is determined by your hair type and texture. The procedure typically takes between 4 – 8 hours.

Laser Therapy and Monochromatic Light Therapy are also commonly used to treat hair loss by making regrowth possible.

Should I get my hair restored?

A qualified medical doctor specialising in the treatment of hair loss in both males and females will diagnose your condition and recommend treatment. The procedure is virtually pain-free, offering you the chance to enjoy natural, fuller, perfectly restored hair. Coupons for hair restoration can be found online, typically covering one session or treatment.

How much pain is involved in a hair transplant procedure?

Before the procedure, a light local anaesthetic is administered. This indicates that the operation will be painless for the patients. During the healing phase after surgery, patients may suffer slight pain or tightness. Most individuals are able to get by with just an over-the-counter painkiller like ibuprofen at this period.

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