Excellent Service from MediFin

After a splendid overseas holiday, the decision to go for a breast augmentation came so quick. I think every woman must feel very proud of their breasts, because that is the pride of her femininity. After making the decision I thought to myself how am I going to finance this operation as the medical aid won`t pay for it. I went to several banking institutions, but no one was willing to help me finance the operation.

Not getting finance did not make me negative, in fact, I wanted this operation done so dearly that it made me more and more positive knowing that there must be an institution that will be willing to help.

That was where I contacted MediFin. They sent me the application form which in turn I filled out with all relevant documentation, payslips etc. Knowing that this was going to be quite a costly operation I did not think that I will get a positive result out of this application.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when MediFin responded after 2 days telling me that they will be more than willing to finance the full procedure (R47000). That was an absolutely great feeling. At that moment, I realized that this is now a

reality and that this is definitely going to happen. Now everything had to get in place as quick as possible. I contacted the best doctor in the country, Dr Lazarus, in Cape Town, made the appointment and arranged for the operation to take place on the 26 September 2016.

Although I was in a lot of pain for the first week after the operation it was money well worth spending. Each and every cent of it.

With this, I just want to say my utmost thank you to Angelique from MediFin, because without you this wouldn`t have been possible. I can with the greatest of pleasure recommend MediFin to all friends and people. Absolutely awesome service!!!


Jo-mare Tolken