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Plastic Surgery can be broken down into two major categories: Cosmetic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery includes surgical and nonsurgical optional procedures that aim to reshape or enhance physical structures of the body in order to improve aesthetic appearance and self-esteem. Our feelings of self-worth and esteem are closely linked to how we perceive ourselves and our body. Cosmetic Surgery has been shown to greatly improve these feelings through the enhancing of the offending body part or area of the body. The process of altering your physical appearance can play a part in positively changing the way that you feel about yourself.

Cosmetic Surgery Costs in South Africa

Cosmetic Surgery in South Africa is considerably cheaper than in the UK or USA. This is due to the weak local currency. In 2016, the following costs apply:

• Breast Augmentation: R45 000

• Rhinoplasty: R66 000 upwards

• Tummy Tucks: R66 000 – R77 000

• Liposuction: R45 000 upwards

These costs include the surgeons, anesthetists and assistant fees, hospital stay and after care.

Procedure costs may be influenced by the type of anaesthetic, the specific anaesthetist or surgeon used and whether the procedure takes place at a day clinic or a hospital. Apply for MediFin medical financing today.

Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon

It is very important to carefully choose the doctor or surgeon who will perform your cosmetic procedure. They should be qualified as well as recommended and published. Enquire about how regularly the specific procedure is performed and how many years the surgeon has been practicing. It is important to remember that a cosmetic surgeon is not a plastic surgeon.

Common Cosmetic Procedures

Some of the most popular Cosmetic Procedures include:

• Tummy Tuck

• Liposuction

• Breast Augmentation

• Rhinoplasty

• Buttock and Breast Implants

• Eyelid Surgery

• Botox

• Facial Scar Revision

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