Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

MediFin believes in keeping women informed about their health but also the financial implications.

In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MediFin takes time to consider the effect that breast cancer has on a woman and her loved ones.


In October 2013, Carol Young was caught completely off guard when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She couldn’t believe it as she had no symptoms and went for regular mammogram check-ups. We wanted to find out more about her experience and were privileged to chat to her.


“It was discovered in the right breast but I opted for a double mastectomy”, Carol told us.

Both of her breasts were tested and the test discovered that she had developed cancer in her left breast as well but the cancer was too small to been detected on the mammogram.


As mentioned Carol had the double mastectomy which was followed by a DIEP Flap reconstruction, 18 months later.


“Medical aid covered the initial surgery and some of the re-construction but GAP cover was essential”

Even though, Carol had a company Medical Aid, it still wasn’t enough. Fortunately, she had the GAP cover option included in the Medical Aid. Unfortunately, in South Africa, Medical Aid is often not enough to cover all the medical expenses. According to RN News, few patients have enough funds to cover most medical costs as many patients with medical aid are put onto an oncology benefit that has limited cover.


When we are faced with a life changing diagnosis, we ask ourselves, “What can I do?” You have just been diagnosed and the situation starts to become scary as you consider all the costs that will be involved in your treatment. MediFin feels it is important for patients and relatives to research what their medical aid provides and to research other ways of financing most of the costs (if diagnosed with breast cancer). It is vital that the patient researches and understands the cost implications of treating breast cancer.


Due to lack of education and facilities, breast cancer in South Africa is a big concern. Early detection is key, which is why we are so blessed to have associations like CANSA and the PINK DRIVE to encourage self-checking and regular check-ups. CANSA and the PINK DRIVE are Breast Cancer educational and fundraising NGOS for this cause.

For information, please visit ( ) and the Pink Drive ( ) to learn more about Breast Cancer and how you can prevent the disease through early detection.


“Early diagnosis is key and rather takes an extreme decision up-front”

Take Carol’s word for it, keep self-checking and go for regular mammograms. At MediFin, we want our clients to consider that through education, we can all continue to fight against Breast Cancer.


Interview with Carol