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Medical Loans For Diagnostic Procedures

Living a healthy life is one thing but what happens when something goes wrong? We all get sick, grow older and experience an emergency of some kind. Considering that healthcare can be very expensive, it impacts a significant number of South Africans. The cost of medical emergencies can easily put family finances in jeopardy even long after physical recovery. This applies to surgery, emergency medical care and diagnostic procedures.

Medical loans can help make these unavoidable situations more manageable even if they have medical aid. In some cases, there might be a large deductible that patients are responsible for in addition to whatever else they decide not to cover. Unless someone has a big savings account or a well-stocked emergency fund, a medical loan could make all the difference as they can use it for all types of diagnostic procedures and treatment options.

What Can Medical Loans Be Used For?

At some point, everyone needs a CT scan, X-ray, bloodwork or any number of diagnostic procedures but it can be costly. South Africans know all too well that some medical aids and hospital plans don’t fully cover these types of procedures and services which doesn’t leave patients with many options.

MediFin life-changing medical loans have been used for a variety of diagnostic procedures and medical treatments. With MediFin, patients can finance hospital admission, surgery, blood work, scans and other diagnostic procedures at several private medical institutions.

The online application process is quick and easy, completely confidential and we pay the medical practice directly on your behalf – apply at and attach a quote from your medical provider for the costs you need to cover.

MediFin finances all procedures up to R100,000. Patients can also apply for emergency medical finance through e-Fin for amounts up to R15,000. This is ideal for GP visits, mammograms, ultrasound, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures. From cosmetic surgery, dental surgery, hearing aids, eye tests and Lasik surgery to pregnancy and fertility, we can help.

Getting Finance For Diagnostic Procedures

A medical loan works the same as a personal loan where a patient pre-agrees on how much money they want to borrow and how much time they need to pay it back.

MediFin provides affordable medical finance solutions for patients who either need basic healthcare, more specialised treatments or specific diagnostic procedures. Going to the hospital is already stressful enough and adding the upfront financial burden into the mix does not help.

Fortunately, patients can apply for medical financing from MediFin whether they require one or more diagnostic procedures. Our loans can be used for bronchoscopies, colonoscopy, cystoscopy, gastroscopy, sigmoidoscopies, prostate biopsy and arthroscopies among many others.

With over 1,200 registered medical practitioners in our online directory, patients have more options when it comes to choosing a healthcare professional of their choice. This includes registered South African doctors, medical professionals and other healthcare practitioners at private hospitals, day hospitals and other medical facilities.

Fast Access To Treatment And Diagnostic Procedures With Affordable Payment Options

A medical loan gives patients the flexibility to spread the cost of private treatment. Whether someone needs a medical loan for a colonoscopy, arthroscopies or the all-important prostate biopsy, MediFin’s application process is easy and quick.

Patients can apply online from any device and once they are approved, MediFin transfers the funds to the practice before the end of the day within working hours. The application can be done in a few simple steps and all you need for verification and approval is a copy of your South African ID, proof of income, 3-months bank statements and proof of residence like a utility bill.

If patients are paying for their own treatment or diagnostic procedures, a MediFin loan can help them spread the cost through a wide range of finance options. They can also use our finance calculator to view payment options and monthly repayment amounts.

Visit the MediFin website for more information about the different medical finance options or to apply online now. For more updates on medical financing for diagnostic procedures, surgery and other important healthcare news, follow MediFin on Facebook and read our blog with some informative articles.

If you’re a healthcare practitioner and want to be part of the solution, join our online directory today. For an overview of registered practitioners with MediFin, simply visit the find a doctor page.