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How To Get Medical Finance For Replacement Procedures

Joint replacement is a surgical procedure where surgeons remove parts of an arthritic or damaged joint and replace them with a metal, plastic, or ceramic device. This is referred to as a prosthesis designed to replicate the movement of a normal, healthy joint. The most common replacement procedures include hip replacement surgery, knee replacement surgery and shoulder replacement surgery which MediFin can help finance.

Signs Patients Need Joint Replacement Surgery

Several conditions cause joint pain and disability that prompts patients to seriously consider joint replacement procedures. Joint pain is often caused when the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones get damaged. This is called articular cartilage and common causes are either arthritis, fractures or another condition.

If patients have tried several non-surgical treatments such as medications, physical therapy, and activity modifications without relief, chances are they need to make arrangements for a joint replacement procedure.

Here are four of the most common symptoms to look out for:

Consistent and severe pain for more than 24 hours in the affected areas
Noticeable changes such as swelling and inflammation which no longer responds to medication
Limited movement and immobility with stiffness in the knee, hip or shoulder
When non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs no longer provide pain relief

Hip Replacement Procedures

Hip replacement surgery is highly successful where portions of the hip joint are replaced with prostheses or implants. Hip replacement procedures involve removing and replacing parts of the pelvis and femur (thighbone) that form the hip joint.

It is mostly performed to relieve hip pain and stiffness caused by hip arthritis. However, this procedure is also used to treat injuries such as a broken or improperly growing hip, and other conditions. The three major types of hip replacement procedures include the following:

Total hip replacement or arthroplasty (most common)
Partial hip replacement (hemiarthroplasty)
Hip resurfacing (more common in younger, active patients)

What Is The Lifespan Of Hip Implants?

A hip replacement prosthesis should stay effective for between 10 and 20 years but some can last even longer. Results do vary according to the type of prosthesis and the patient’s age. When you need to replace a hip implant because it has loosened or worn out, patients require hip revision surgery.

Knee Replacement Procedures

Knee pain is a common form of joint pain that can affect your ability to walk, sleep and perform everyday activities. Fortunately, several treatment options are available to help you live a happy, healthy life and one of these is knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is also referred to as knee arthroplasty, a surgical procedure that involves removing a damaged knee joint and replacing it with an artificial joint. A prosthesis is typically made from a metallic alloy with a plastic insert but it can also be oxidized ceramic and titanium alloys.

When it comes to knee replacement procedures, there are two main types; total knee replacement and partial knee replacement surgery. Thanks to new technology and techniques, knee implants can last 10 to 15 years but sometimes longer.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Total shoulder replacement surgery is a highly successful procedure to reduce pain and restore mobility. It’s common in patients with end-stage shoulder arthritis but also for those who suffered a severe shoulder fracture. When cartilage surfaces disintegrate, the bones come into direct contact causing more friction and increases the risk of damaging each other.

Shoulder replacement procedures relieve pain and help restore motion, strength and function of the shoulder. Most patients return to normal activities after a year including playing golf or tennis, swimming, yoga, pilates or any other physical activity they previously avoided due to shoulder pain.

Most shoulder replacements can last for more than 10 years according to a new, complete study. It determined that patients can expect large and long-lasting improvements in pain, strength, range of movement, and their ability to complete everyday tasks.

Need Medical Finance For Replacement Surgery?

While it’s difficult to put a price on living a pain-free life, replacement procedures can be costly and not everyone has the means to afford it. Fortunately, MediFin can help with life-changing, affordable medical loans for a wide variety of procedures, medication and tests.

If a patient requires any replacement procedures, MediFin offers finance covering everything from general surgery, general healthcare finance and dental surgery to fertility, hearing, vision and cosmetic surgery.

Visit the MediFin website for more information about the different medical finance options or to apply online today. If you are a healthcare practitioner and want to help more patients, join our online directory today. For an overview of registered practitioners with MediFin, visit the find a doctor page.