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Affordable Medical Finance For Scans and Blood Work

MediFin is a leading medical finance provider in South Africa working closely with private hospital groups like Mediclinic and their partners across the country. Mediclinic has several day hospitals and private hospitals with on-site radiology and bloodwork companies, including Morton and Partners and Lancet Laboratories.

Together with MediFin, they are making medical care more affordable for everyone and that goes beyond doctor’s appointments and surgery. Through the MediFin and Mediclinic collaboration, you can finance a range of out-of-medical-aid expenses, including admissions to private hospitals and day hospitals.

Benefits Of Private Hospitals And Day Hospitals

Affordable healthcare is now more within reach than ever and well worth considering as day hospitals offer more than you may realise.

Lower Costs For Same Day Procedures

When it comes to the cost of medical procedures, the National Reference Price List tariffs are mostly lower for same-day procedures when performed in day hospitals compared to general hospitals. At the same time, day hospital rates are also charged according to the scale of benefits which helps even more.

Hospital operating theatres are equipped for more complex surgeries whereas day hospitals only provide minor surgery and others procedures which don’t require all of the latest technology and equipment so overheads are somewhat lower.

General hospitals also need more medical staff with a wider range of qualifications which also adds to the overall cost. Most day hospitals only require trained medical staff for the specified range of medical services they offer and same-day procedures don’t require after-hours nursing.

No Overnight Stays And Shorter Recovery Times

Day hospitals admit, operate on and discharge patients on the same day which is particularly convenient if you have children as they don’t have to stay overnight in an unfamiliar environment. Along with better technology, patients often recover faster which will further reduce the expenses for medical aid providers in South Africa.

Day Hospitals Help Reduce Anxiety

Generally, day surgery is less disruptive and shouldn’t cause too much anxiety compared to surgical procedures in hospital. This is especially beneficial to children and vulnerable patients as parents or guardians can stay with them for most of the day.

More Convenient And Improved Productivity

Most day hospitals often provide the option of planned, guaranteed admissions and a set time of discharge. This makes planning the surgery or medical procedure so much easier for patients and doctors. By being better prepared, surgeons and other medical staff will be more productive. A bonus is that nursing staff can work regular hours without any overnight duties.

Applying For Medical Finance

Sometimes you have no choice but to get a CT scan, X-ray or bloodwork but it can be a costly process. With some medical aids and hospital plans not fully covering these types of procedures and services, you may have limited options.

Fortunately, through MediFin you can finance your hospital admission, surgery or procedure, blood work and scans at private medical institutions.

You can apply now for medical finance on the website in just a few simple steps. All you need is a copy of your South African ID, proof of income, 3-months bank statements and proof of residence (utility bill).

General healthcare finance from MediFin can cover a wide range of treatments and procedures from various specialists. This includes Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), Chiropractors, Psychologists, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Physiotherapy, Paediatricians, Prosthetics and Day Hospitals.

Emergency Medical Loans

If the procedure, bloodwork or scans are an emergency, there’s also an option to apply for instant credit finance up to R15 000 through e-Fin. You can check online to see if you qualify for a low-interest, flexible and affordable medical loan and get approved instantly.

For your peace of mind, all e-Fin transactions are done in a safe, secure and confidential manner. e-Fin Instant credit is available at various medical facilities from Mediclinic and Smileway to Norkem Optometrists, and La Couronne Dental Care.

With the help of medical finance from MediFin, patients can now more easily afford to visit a day hospital or private hospital for minor procedures and same-day treatments. Plus, you can find an extensive list of doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals in South Africa on our online doctor directory. If you have any questions or would like more information, contact MediFin today.