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Medical Finance Options For Doctor’s Visits, Medication And Scans

Many people are looking for easy payment options whether it’s to pay for a procedure, scans, doctor’s appointments or medication. Considering the costs of treatment within different healthcare facilities, patients without medical aid or those with pre-existing conditions, in particular, can benefit.

A medical loan can help you afford fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental work, urgent care or Lasik eye surgery among many others. You could use the funds to pay for the entire procedure or part thereof but now, there are more options to make healthcare more affordable for everyone.

Change The Way You Are Paying For Medical Procedures

MediFin has an extensive list of registered medical facilities and healthcare professionals offering affordable medical financing. To provide even more value, MediFin has integrated with two leading Payment Service Providers who will submit payments on behalf of patients to medical practices.

This means patients now have the option to finance their consultations, medications, doctor’s visits or scans through a point-of-sale (POS) system at certain medical facilities.

It’s important to note that not all practices will offer finance so it’s best to ask before making payment otherwise the practice will automatically select a card as the preferred payment option. The process works as follows:

  1. Scan QR code provided at the practice, or select “Finance” from the POS terminal
  2. Follow prompts on the mobile device and complete the application

What Are The Available Medical Finance Options?

A medical loan is a way to manage the cost of private healthcare which can quickly add up to a hefty amount. Even if you have medical aid, it won’t cover all procedures which is why medical financing is becoming increasingly important within the healthcare system.

Through registered credit providers such as MediFin, you can apply online for a medical loan in a few easy steps. By using the finance calculator, you can work out exactly what your monthly payments will be on a microloan of R8,000 or personal loans up to R100,000.

If you need medical aid shortfall solutions, MediFin has various insurance options including Medical Emergency Insurance (EMI), Hearing Aid Insurance, Funeral Plan, Gap Insurance or Travel Insurance.

While this helps with expensive surgical procedures and paying for specialists, what about doctor’s visits or consultations, medication and scans?

Medical Financing For Private Procedures

Private medical procedures are often expensive and without medical aid, finding the required funds can be quite a daunting process. This is why most private medical providers offer finance to make treatment more affordable but in most cases, the finance is not provided by the hospital itself, but rather a partner provider, such as MediFin.

Established in 2012, MediFin has fast become one of South Africa’s largest, independent Medical Financial Service Providers helping everyday people afford medical procedures when they can’t cover the costs immediately. Many prefer MediFin as it is convenient, affordable, secure and easy to apply.

You can use the online service to see if you qualify for a medical loan and even get instant approval. MediFin loans have competitive interest rates with flexible payment options while transactions take place in a safe, secure and confidential manner.

At MediFin, we offer affordable, life-changing medical loans that you can use for nearly any procedure, including dental implants, cosmetic gum surgery, tummy tucks, liposuction, chiropractors, psychologists or paediatricians, Laser eye surgery, hearing aids, Cochlear implants and fertilisation treatments.

How To Apply For A Medical Loan

A medical loan can help you pay for any medical shortfalls on procedures whether it’s a doctor’s visit, specialist consultation, extended hospital stay, operation, medicine or medical equipment. The application process can be done online fairly quickly and involves a few easy steps and procedures:

  1. Get a quote from the healthcare practitioner
  2. Obtain the necessary documents (copy of your ID, proof of income, 3 months’ bank statements and proof of residence)
  3. Apply online by visiting
  4. On success, digitally sign a loan agreement via email
  5. Payment is made directly to the healthcare provider

Many healthcare practitioners in our network are already offering access to MediFin loans and you can find them on the website under the “Find a Doctor” page. Simply enter your location, choose a category from the dropdown selection and click on search.

If you are a GP and want to help your patients gain access to affordable medical loans, simply register on our website by joining our directory.