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MediFin Provides Affordable Loans For Medical Aid Shortfalls

Nobody wants a big hospital bill after life-altering surgery but it happens all the time. The cost for in-hospital specialist consultations and procedures often far exceed what your medical aid will pay but there is an affordable solution in the form of medical aid shortfall finance from MediFin.

In addition to affordable medical loans available online, MediFin is also rolling out its services to various medical switches during 2021 to further assist patients and practitioners. This practice management software submits your claim to the medical aid and conveniently returns a message with how much you still need to pay the practice. MediFin can then provide instant finance for the shortfall, especially where you do not have GAP cover in place.

Why You Need Medical Aid Shortfall Finance

The Council for Medical Schemes puts in place an annual medical aid rate which is the base rate that all medical practitioners can charge for medical procedures. While most medical aids in South Africa agree to pay up to a certain percentage of the base rate (usually up to 300%), medical practitioners can charge more if they want.

As long as they adhere to the base rate, doctors, specialists, physiotherapists, dentists and other healthcare professional can charge whatever they want for their services. In many cases, specialists can charge up to 500% more than what your medical scheme will pay which can leave you with a hefty bill of R50,000 or more.

Depending on your policy, medical aid will typically reimburse you for between 100 – 300% of the hospital costs but that’s not always enough. With 100% cover, you may not have to worry about the financial burden of hospitalisation but what about additional charges or the cost of specialists?

It is common for medical aid schemes in South Africa not to cover specialists such as gynaecologists or anaesthesiologists. If your policy only offers 100% or 200% and a specialist charges 500%, you need to pay the difference and your medical aid will not reimburse you.

This is why it’s so important to know how much your medical aid covers and the rate of your practitioner. If your provider charges more, it is your responsibility to cover the difference and that’s where medical aid shortfall solutions can help.

Applying For Medical Aid Shortfall Finance

With medical aid schemes in South Africa becoming increasingly expensive, more people are looking for affordable medical shortfall solutions. Life is meant to be enjoyed so don’t let financial problems hold you back, turn to MediFin for medical aid shortfall finance you can afford.

A MediFin loan can help you pay for medical shortfalls on procedures authorised and paid for by your medical aid provider. Use this to cover doctor’s visits, consultations, hospital stays, medication and medical equipment. If you already have the right GAP cover in place, you don’t have to pay any medical shortfall. MediFin also offers a range of GAP insurance products, MediGap Prestige, MediGap Proper and MediGap Primary.

How To Apply For MediFin GAP cover

Apply online at and get instant insurance.

But where you do not have GAP cover in place, you can easily apply for medical loans to cover the difference between what the medical aid pays out and what the practitioner charges.

Try the finance calculator to determine your monthly payments on medical loans up to R125,000.

How To Apply For Medical Loans

MediFin’s application process can be done online fairly quickly and involves a few easy steps and procedures:

Get a quote from your doctor or healthcare practitioner
Apply online at
Wait for approval which is usually within an hour
On success, you can digitally sign a loan agreement via email
Payment is made directly to your healthcare provider

If you don’t have medical aid or the procedure is not covered as part of your policy, MediFin can help. From medical aid shortfall cover to loans for general surgery, pregnancy and fertility finance, many South Africans choose MediFin.