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How To Apply For Instant Medical Finance

With many general and specialised medical procedures becoming increasingly expensive, the only solution for many patients is medical finance. While MediFin provides medical loans of up to R100,000, patients can also apply for instant credit from e-Fin up to a maximum amount of R15,000. By offering medical finance with easy payment options, more South Africans can afford a wider variety of treatments or tests they may not have had access to before.

What Can e-Fin’s Instant Credit Be Used For?

e-Fin has become a leading fintech player in South Africa’s unsecured credit environment giving people the opportunity to obtain products and services they need to enrich their lives, with the primary focus on medical loans.

e-Fin is the only instant credit provider in South Africa that provides finance for medical emergencies, blood tests, or even medical prescriptions. It’s the perfect solution for salaried individuals or pensioners receiving a regular income. In fact, anyone can benefit from an instant e-Fin medical loan provided they have a valid bank account and good credit record.

How Does Medical Finance Work With e-Fin?

The application process is relatively straightforward and can be done online in a few easy steps. It’s similar to applying for medical finance through MediFin’s website for larger loan amounts. Patients who need instant credit for medical emergencies, tests or bloodwork can simply apply online at and here is a breakdown of the application process:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Ensure you have three months’ electronic bank statements at hand to be uploaded
  3. Be honest about your income and expenses to be disclosed

The whole online process takes about 5 minutes to complete and you get an instant answer!

The benefits of instant credit from e-Fin is undoubtedly the easy online application process, credit checks and instant approval. e-Fin medical finance also provides patients with competitive interest rates, flexible and affordable repayment options while all transactions are handled in a safe, secure and confidential manner for added peace of mind. There is also an easy-to-use loan calculator to give a good estimate of repayments.

How Can Instant Credit Help Me?

Most people apply for an instant loan when they need immediate access to funds for a specific reason. The nature of e-Fin’s instant credit makes it the ideal solution for anyone who needs quick access to some extra cash due to an unexpected bill or family emergency.

Among the most common reasons people need instant credit from banks or private lenders are for unplanned house or car repairs. However, unexpected bills from the vet, optometrist, dentist, audiologist and especially medical emergencies typically outrank everything else.

The good news is that e-Fin can help with access to instant medical finance whatever the reason and regardless of the situation. Below is a list of several healthcare providers and facilities that offer e-Fin instant credit with more featured stores online.

  • Mediclinic
  • SmileAway
  • Ou Kaapse Vet
  • Pet Passion Animal Care
  • Norkem Optometrist
  • Vision Works Optometrist
  • GT Audiologist
  • La Couranne Dental Care
  • and more…

Need Medical Finance For Specialised Treatments Or Procedures?

While e-Fin is the number one choice for instant credit in South Africa, MediFin can provide bigger medical loans for more specialised treatments. This includes registered South African doctors, medical professionals and other healthcare practitioners at private hospitals, day hospitals and other facilities.

Medical finance from MediFin can be used for cosmetic surgery, dental procedures, hearing aids, eye tests and Lasik surgery, pregnancy and fertility. These personal medical loans are approved and paid out in just a few minutes without interacting with anyone.

Patients can apply from any device connected to the internet, including cellphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Once the application is approved, the funds will be transferred before the end of the day within working hours.

Visit the MediFin website for more information about the different medical loans or to apply. For more updates on medical finance and other interesting healthcare news, follow MediFin on Facebook and have a look at the blog.