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Whether it’s a scan that saves your life or that cosmetic or dental surgery you’ve always wanted, MediFin has a Life-Changing loan that’s right for you.

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Welcome to MediFin, South Africa’s niche Medical Financial Services Provider. We enable South Africans to obtain those medical procedures not covered by their medical aid provider.

How Can We Help?

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Cosmetic Surgery

Tummy Tucks | Hair Restoration | Liposuction

Dental Surgery

Teeth Whitening | Composite Bonding | Dental Implants

Hearing / Audiology

Implants | Hearing Tests | Tinnitus Treatments

Vision / Optics

New Glasses | Laser Eye Surgery | Dry Eye Treatments

General Healthcare

Medical Supplies | Day Hospitals | Physiotherapy

Pregnancy & Fertility

Caesarean Section | IVF | Sperm & Egg Donors

General Surgery

Surgical Oncology | Transplant Surgery | Trauma Surgery

Other Finance

Veterinary Finance | Personal Finance | Professional Finance

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Why Choose MediFin

Southern Africa’s first choice Medical Finance Provider

Convenient Online Application

Check online to see if you qualify for a MediFin loan and get approved instantly

Flexible & Affordable Finance

MediFin offers you low-interest, flexible and affordable Medical Finance

Safe, Secure & Confidential

All MediFin transactions are done in a safe, secure and confidential manner.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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MediFin has changed my life! I have always trained and diet like a crazy person but there is just something one can not out train or out diet!

I desperately needed to get a few cosmetic things done like a tummy tuck, lipo and breast reduction. All these treatments are unaffordable but MediFin came to the rescue and approved me for a loan.

My dreams came true and MediFin and Dr Paul Mcgarr Changed my life and I am now the person with the body I have always wanted the world to see!

I most defiantly recommend MediFin to anyone who needs financial help when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

- Cherise

I've done some comparisons between well-known loan providers... MediFin offered me the lowest rate. Thank you for your speedy service

- Mishke

Thank you so much for your excellent service and assistance.

- Lauren

Many thanks for all your help it's much appreciated.

- Viruschka

Thank you for getting this done so quickly and painlessly, it has been greatly appreciated.

- Lee-Anne

Thank you very much for your kind assistance Angelique!

- Lars

Thanks for the excellent service.

- Bonolo

Thank you again for your excellent service. It has been a pleasure dealing with you and I will certainly recommend Medifin to others.

- Jane

Thank you for the fantastic service! much appreciated.

- Thanusha

Thank you so much for your speedy work!

- Willem

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I am pleased to hear that the finance for the procedure has been approved.

- Annshen

Thanks a million for all your help !!!! 😊 😊 😊

- Yolandi

Thank you for your professional service up to now.

- Yana

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